Are you reigning in life?

Proverbs 8:6, “The meaning of my words will release within you revelation for you to reign in life. My lyrics will empower you to live by what is right”.

There is something about that verse that ministers to a part deep within me. The meaning of God’s words will release within us revelation for us to reign in life. We don’t have to read a thousand books -God knew not everyone is a book worm, so He gave us one book, the Bible. How amazing is that? We have 1 book yet we struggle so hard to read it. Do not let the enemy rob you of your reigning power. It is about time we started reigning in life.

I know sometimes we read the Bible out of duty or only on Sundays. Our verse today lets us know that when we read to find meaning- it is the meaning of God’s words that will release the revelation for us to reign not just reading the words. John 8:32 puts it this way, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. If we do not take time to read the Bible, we miss out on the profound truth that God has put in there to enable us to live victoriously.

There is power in the word of God. God does not need the Bible, we need the Bible. Reign means to rule over or to be in power. God does not want us weak and defenseless. God created us to reign but He knew that attack and defeat would confront us daily so He gave us a reigning manual. When we begin to learn it, it takes form and meaning. When we begin to understand the meaning, in comes revelation and revelation brings with it truth which will set us free from the chains that have been holding us.

Pick up your Bible this week and allow God to show you the meaning of His words as He releases within you revelation on how you can reign in life. We’ll talk about the second part of our verse next week.

Love and blessings!

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