Psalm 50:15 TPT says, “Honour Me by trusting in Me in your day of trouble. Cry aloud to Me, and I will be there to rescue you. That is what I desire from you!

It is very easy to read that verse and miss the point. I’ve done it multiple times but today I would like for you and I to pay attention to God’s heart as He speaks those words to us. 

Most times when we are in trouble we don’t want to bother God. We feel like He has rescued us plenty times before and that maybe this time its just too much and perhaps He won’t come. So to avoid taking a chance on Him not coming to our rescue, we don’t ask Him. We try to figure things out. We try to work it out and find a solution. 

Or sometimes people think since God is all knowing He will just come anyway if He wanted to. Let me tell you something, God respects your life, your boundaries and free will too much to impose Himself where He is not invited. 

The verse tells us to cry aloud to God. That’s all we need to do. When I read that, I was reminded of kids. When they are afraid or if something happens, they scream out for mom or dad so they can be rescued. God wants us to be like that. To cry out for Him our Abba Father and He will come running, every-single-time. 

There is not a time we will cry out to God and He will pause to think of whether or not we deserve it. Or how many times we have been to church that year. Whose podcast have we been listening to? When was the last time we prayed? None of that matters to God when we are in trouble, He just comes running when we cry out for Him. 

Our verse says when we trust God in our day of trouble, this honours God. I could mic drop right there! So profound that God is honoured when we trust Him enough to ask Him for help. He doesn’t see us as a burden.

He wants to help us and rescue us in our day of trouble. Whether that day comes every other day, once a fortnight or every day- it doesn’t matter. Keep God on your speed dial so you can hit “redial” whenever you need Him. It doesn’t matter what kind of trouble or how big or small. Honour God by trusting Him to help. Call aloud to Him and He will be there to rescue you. 

Have a blessed week. 

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