God is greater.

I find that sometimes in life its easy to look at the many things that we have to do or things we are facing in a day, a week, a season and feel overwhelmed. I have moments when I feel tempted to feel sorry for myself and want to curl up in bed and watch Netflix all day. However, God does not want us hiding from our circumstances but to turn to Him and know that we are never alone.

I heard Ps. Jentzen Franklin say- and I paraphrase, that sometimes the reason why we feel defeated or overwhelmed by life’s circumstances is that we measure what we are facing against ourselves. When we realize that it is no longer us living our lives alone but that Christ lives in us (see Galatians 2:20), we can then begin to measure our circumstances against God.

When we stand face to face with all the things we need to do, with the challenges that come against us or the attacks of the enemy, it is easy to feel small and develop the grasshopper mentality (see Numbers 13:33). However, when we look at those same circumstances and perceive them through the eyes of faith, we can then begin to see that we have the Creator of the universe on our side. We have the God of heaven’s armies fighting for us and if God be for us, who can be against us, see Romans 8:31.

Sometimes, people misunderstand that verse- if God be for us, who can be against us. It is not to say we won’t have enemies but to say that the enemies are not worth counting because GREATER IS HE who is in me that he who is in the world (see 1 John 4:4). We have the greater One on our side, fighting our battles. So, no matter what you are facing this week, be confident that the “giants” that try to overwhelm you, will not triumph over you because no weapon formed against you shall prosper, see Isaiah 54:17. We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us, see Romans 8:37. We are loved beyond measure!

So when you start to feel fearful or overwhelmed just remind yourself that God is greater than any challenge that you face. The Lion of Judah has triumphed over our enemies, (see Revelations 5:5). We have the victory in Christ Jesus. 

Have a blessed week. 


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