I would like to speak to you today about living from moment to moment with God.

I do not know if any of you have ever experienced this but sometimes in life, when things are going well, something goes terribly wrong. What do I mean? Classic example, recently, I was having a perfect day. Spent my day talking with God whilst I worked. He was really speaking to my heart, I was, what the young people call, “caught in the feels”. Meaning, I was a little bit emotional. I was just in a good place and feeling the love flowing from Gods heart to mine. As I prayed before I slept, I thanked God for a perfect day and said let’s do it again tomorrow.

You would think the devil would let me go to bed call it a loss, score one trillion for God and leave me alone, nope. As I put my head down on my pillow, one thought entered my head. I slowly started becoming anxious and next thing I was sitting up in my bed trying to figure out how to fix something that was in my imagination.  I quickly realised what was happening so I decided to lay hold of the peace of God in me. I went on Youtube and right in my suggested videos panel I found a message called, “Protect your imagination” by Joel Osteen and so I listened and went to bed, peaceful.

That is a not-so-drastic example in the toss-up between the good and bad that encompasses our days. I used to be so cynical at one point. I believed that if something good happened, something bad was on its way so I would be prepared for the worst that could happen. God does not want us living our lives like that. Granted it does happen. In fact, I just listened to a teaching where someone was saying sometimes it is the best of times and the worst of times all at the same time. That is life I suppose.

One thing God has revealed to me is that He wants us to take life one moment at a time. Not even one day at a time, because you may miss something within that day. 24 hours is a long time. God wants us to live from moment to moment. From encounter to encounter with Him. One moment at a time. If you are having a great moment, praise God for it. If you are having a sad one, look to Him for comfort. If you are having a moment of discouragement, look to Him for hope. Our days are filled with moments. We are so used to summarizing things and giving the short version that sometimes we are quick to say, “I had a bad day today”. Then we go on to recite all the bad moments that happened throughout the day. But, they are just that. Moments. You can choose instead to look at the moments in between the bad that were, maybe not so bad.

If you break your day down into moments, you will realise it wasn’t all bad. Which means inevitably, when we say our day was good or bad, we are choosing which moments we want to focus on. As magnified and dramatic as the bad moments may be, find joy in the quiet moments where a stranger smiled at you. Or someone did something nice for you. Or you heard a good song on the radio. God is in those moments too, trying to remind you, “I am still here”. It is not all bad.  Last night, when I had the moment of anxiety, God reminded me, I have given you My peace and you have the power to pull down those imaginations and place them under My feet. (I’ve got small feet you see- so I put things right under Jesus’ feet! If the earth is His footstool I imagine those are some pretty big feet.)

This week I encourage you, look for moments in your day. Talk to God through every moment and thank Him for He is ever present with us. God loves us so much and He wants us all to have perfect days. However, for as long as we live in this corrupt world, the devil is still roaming the streets. Bad things will happen but God will teach us how to find Him even in moments of hopelessness. Life is but a collection of moments. You get to choose which moments you want to frame, choose wisely. 

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Have a blessed week!

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