F E A T U R E D: Love Revival Part 2/3

A heavenly whisper (or two)

During that whole process we were also desperately saving for a home. We had saved and saved and thought we had enough, so in 2015 we took our little pot of money to a broker and said “We want to buy a home. What can we do with this?” He basically said “Nothing. Its not enough. Go back, pay off your car and come back to me in a few years when you’ve saved more” – Ouch. 

We were deflated but not defeated and decided that even though it wasn’t enough for us, it could still be enough for someone else who needed it, and so we decided to give wherever there was a need. We slowly watched our savings deplete but knew that God was stirring up something in our Spirit, and whilst we didn’t really know what it was, we knew it would be good, because He is good!

Later that year as our savings had depleted to almost nothing, I heard the whisper that would become His promise for us – “Build My House and I will build yours”

After college a few months later, whilst discerning God’s call back into Ministry, I heard the second whisper that propelled things into motion: “Go back to what was started before you got married. That’s what I want – A love revival”

I thought – “Really, Lord?! That Facebook page that no one ever visited, is that what we were going back to?” 

We prayed on it and felt Him calling us into our strengths, to create the opportunities for people across many churches to gather, connect and encourage each other, and in doing so remember our first and most important love. He wanted to ignite fire in our Spirit that wasn’t based on which church we attended or what tradition we followed, but that it was essentially all about Him. He wanted the WHOLE CHURCH to become a symbol of unity, love and grace, and a fortress of peace for the world to see and seek refuge in. We felt that He was calling us to champion our brothers and sisters and in doing so, love them! So that’s what we did. We used what was in our hands and hearts, and put this calling to work. 

With lots of love,

Mandy and Tui xx.

Part 3 is coming your way tomorrow!

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