F E A T U R E D: Love Revival Part 3/3

A new house

In 2017, after many years of trying to find our feet, we landed in an amazing local church called Maximize Church where we immediately felt called to plant and grow this Love Revival calling. Surrounded by encouraging kingdom leaders, we continued to invest whatever we had in our hands to build God’s house, trusting completely in that whisper from two years earlier.

A few weeks ago, we saw this promise come to life when Tui’s parents offered their investment property to us to have as our own home. They essentially took all the financial risk of putting down the deposit and stamp duty for a house that they would one day give to their son, and handed us the keys saying “this is God’s gift to you” – Wow! So even though we were rejected by the broker, we were completely satisfied in God. He prepared our house and delivered on His promise, just like He said He would. He handed us a beautiful home with no deposit and no stamp duty required, thanks to the faithful and generous spirit of Tui’s parents. They are amazing!

How good and faithful is our God? I am often beyond words at the very thought. I didn’t write this to boast in our strengths, but to remind you that the God who created the earth also created you, and for whatever you have stirring in your heart, if He promises it, He will bring it to fruition in your life!

Today, we’re so grateful to be surrounded by people like Melissa at Heavenly Whispers who continue to bring forth the goodness and greatness of God into mainstream media, and we look forward to meeting with you one day.  I’ll leave you now to reflect on how God is working in your own life and encourage you to go back to your first love because thats where it all begins – with Him. 

With lots of love,

Mandy & Tui xx

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