I N S C R I B E Hebrews 8:10 Part 3/5

It is Gods intention for us, that we may come to know Him as He reveals Himself to us, layer by layer. God continues in our verse and says, “…and fasten them to their hearts”. I used the Passion Translation for this verse, other translations say, “write” instead of “fasten”.

The Greek word for “write” as it is used in this verse is Strongs 1924- epigraphs which can be defined as “to inscribe”. The word “inscribe” suggests creating a permanent record. God wants to inscribe His principles and His ways onto our hearts. We are constantly being transformed into the image of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 3:18) by the process of God inscribing His Word in our hearts which is our spirit. This is an ongoing process, it does not happen overnight. That is why we are to remain open to being taught new things by Him. To keep leaning on Him as we journey on in life as He masterfully inscribes more and more of His wisdom onto our hearts. 

Inscribe- if it is to create a permanent record in our spirit it means it may not be easy. That is perhaps why God sometimes takes us through tough situations whereby we learn in the middle of agonising fear or pain that only He is God. Inscription requires dedication from both the Inscriber and the person being inscribed upon. It takes commitment to one another. It takes time. What God wants from us is not a quick 1 hour drive-by the church. He wants a relationship with us that we take into our everyday being. Where we stand and lift our hands and say “in You I live, move and have my being” (see Acts 17:28). There is nothing God wants more than a relationship with us. It is only through this relationship that God starts to write on our hearts His life giving Word. 

Be blessed. 

Part 4 is on its way 🙂

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