I N S C R I B E Hebrews 8:10 Part 2/5

Passion Translation, Hebrews 8:10: “For here is the covenant I will one day establish with the people of Israel: I will embed my laws within their thoughts, and fasten them onto their hearts. I will be their loyal God and they will be My loyal people”.

God goes on to say, “I will embed my laws within their thoughts”. What laws are God talking about in that verse? Because in reading the full Hebrews Chapter 8, it appears that God wanted to do away with the law of Moses. So why would He embed it within our thoughts in the new covenant?

What God spoke to me is this: In the new covenant we have a deeper relationship with God than what we could have ever had under the old covenant. It is God’s intention to draw us near to Him that we may be able to learn His ways and understand Him. The laws He is referring to there are His ways, His principles, His guidelines on how to do life, His precepts all of which are found in His word. He is in effect saying, I will embed My Word into your thoughts. 

One way I can attempt to explain it is that, we are told that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord, (see Psalm 37:23). God does not order our steps in an audible voice telling us what to do all the time. Instead through His Spirit living in us, we find ourselves- the more we walk with Him, we start doing things like Him. As we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, He causes His principles to be embedded in our very own thoughts. We become aware of His nature. He teaches us how to live and how to handle certain things throughout life. He embeds His Kingdom principles into us. 

Be blessed, part 3 coming tomorrow 🙂

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