IOU Day 9

Have you ever realised that God looks for you. In Genesis Chapter 3 verses 8 and 9 we see a picture of God walking in the garden looking for Adam and Eve when they were hiding from their normal place.

Sometimes we let the busyness of life consume us. We become doers and forget to just sit at Jesus’ feet like Mary did, (see Luke 10:38-42).

Sometimes my self imposed deadlines make me busier than I ought to be but God reminds me that when I rest in His Presence everything else falls into place. There is a flow when we go to do the things we want to do after we honor God first. That is why church is on Sunday we honor God with the first day of our week so that the remainder of the week may be blessed. 

Today let us honor the God who comes looking for us when we get too busy with life and reminds us that there is peace in Him. Let us thank God for His unending love and patience towards us.

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