IOU Day 8

Today I am just thankful that I get to do life with God. I remember when I wasn’t walking with God the days seemed to drag along with no end in sight. Now I barely know what is happening with the time. It is true what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!” God is soo good to us.

I remember one time it was a weekend and I was exhausted and I said a simple prayer as I walked to the gym on Saturday morning. I asked God to slow time down on the weekend so I could do all I had planned to do and manage to get some rest. Would you believe it if I told you that God did just that for me? Well He did! Not that the seconds or minutes were any slower (I cannot be sure because I did not measure lol) or time stopped but I did manage to do all I wanted to do including extras like laundry and vacuuming and that was thee longest weekend ever, it dragged! I ran out of things to do. I napped until I could not nap anymore. By the end I was waiting for Monday! I woke up on Monday and that is probably where I got TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday) from! I was happy God answered my prayer and I had a long, chilled, productive yet restful weekend.

We have a God who loves us and answers our prayers even if they may seem silly to someone else. What matters to us matters to God. He truly cares about us 😊.

Today let us reflect on the goodness of our Lord and just turn our hearts towards Him in complete worship and awe of Him. Thanking Him for all the prayers that He answers.

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