IOU Day 10

Did you know that sometimes God misses you?

I didn’t until I was having a somewhat busy week and I was having a quick chat with God and He told me He missed me. God misses us the way we miss a dear friend we haven’t seen or heard from in a while. At that moment I realised I missed Him too but I was soo busy I did not know how to fix it.

Thank God He knows how to fix it. And bless His Name for He is always readily available for us. I had the song “Waiting here for You” on my heart and I heard God say,  “No, I am waiting here for you”. Let us not keep God waiting and be more available to spend time with Him.

Let us thank Him today for always being available to us. For giving us access to Him. For Him living inside of us that He is never too far away to save us. Let us thank God for He is good and we could talk about all the things He does but we could never finish them all because He does amazing things for all of us every single day.

As we wrap up our 10 days of just thanking God and praising Him for who He is to us, make sure you carry a thankful heart with you into every situation in days to follow. There are times when it will be easier to complain but instead we must give God a freewill offering of thanks. A freewill offering is an offering you give regardless of the outcome of the situation. You just say thank you Lord because no matter how my life turns out I trust You and You are still God whether it is going good or bad. Let’s maintain a thankful attitude towards God. Let’s spend time with God so He does not have to look far for us. 🙂

Be blessed. 

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