IOU Day 7

Lately God has been teaching me about being grateful. I have come to realise that please and thank you really do go a long way. The first few times someone does not say please or thank you you may let it slide but after a while it starts to become noticeable and I must admit I find it hard doing things for people who do not say please or thank you. Funny how I did not know that until God was teaching me about the concept of being grateful. I did not know it bothered me when someone did not say please when they were asking me to do something or thank you after it’s done. However, I get the feeling that they feel entitled, like I owe them something when they do not say thank you. That is not to say I expect everyone to say thank you, it’s the people I do life with.

Imagine how God feels when we just run through our list of prayer requests with no please. He does not want us to beg Him but we sure can ask nicely. God is in three persons. Emphasis on the word persons. He has a personality. He has feelings or emotions. We are created in His imagine. So when we talk to Him we need to talk to Him as we would a person we respect. We need to learn to ask nicely. We also need to learn to be grateful for what He gives us. Nothing worse than a person who just takes something and walks away. God does not owe us anything. He already did the very best thing He could have done for us, He gave us Jesus. We owe Him praise for that. If salvation was the only thing that God did for us and nothing more, we ought to praise Him just for that! But He has done so much more. He goes over and above for us, so let us make our thanks known to Him. 

Let us learn to be thankful, not just saying thank you with our mouths but having a thankful attitude. Having a thankful heart. 

Have a blessed day! 

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