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Don’t you wish we could get a 3 day weekend every weekend? I used to hate Mondays because I thought Mondays were so close yet so far away from the weekend! I then realised that sometimes having a bad attitude about something means you miss out on the blessings of God that may be stored up for you in that thing. From the time I changed my attitude to say I liked Mondays, #TGIM and to say that I like rainy days when it is dark and gloomy, I actually started enjoyi…ng those two things.

Now I love it when it rains I see it as a blessing and I enjoy my Mondays. I see Mondays almost like a second chance. Whatever I did not get to do last week, I have yet another chance to do it this week. If I embrace my week with excitement and expectancy, I get more accomplished in it. Do not let a bad attitude decrease your productivity or lower your expectations for something great to happen. TGIM! Thank God It’s Monday! Have a great Monday.

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