Something Different

2023 is upon us. What an exciting time! First, we need to thank God for 2022. God brought us through 2022 and He was with us in all the highs and the lows. God is faithful and He is good! Thank You God for showing up when we didn’t expect You to show up and for being present in times where we felt alone. God You are good, and we love You! Amen.

The first week of the year is always filled with hope and anticipation. We hear things like, “New year, new me”. But the reality is that the same person who woke up on December 31st 2022 is the same person entering into 2023. Entering the new year is not a magic spell that rids us of all our past troubles. If we really want to live out the mantra, “New year, new me” we have to be willing to do something different in 2023 that we didn’t do in 2022.

Each year my friends and I make a list of all the things we want to pray for for the year coming. On December 31st, we pray together and we invite God into our year and we pray over areas where we want to see growth or change.

It’s one thing to say I am going to be a new me in 2023, its one thing to say I am going to do xyz in 2023 its another to actually do it. I was reading over my prayer list from 2021 going into 2022. On that list I had a few things that I know for a fact I did not put much effort towards. Things I did not make time for in the busyness of the year, for example, becoming a great piano player.

We all want to grow, improve on some things, learn new things or be better in areas of our lives but are we going to prioritise it in 2023? What we prioritise determines the end results at the end of the year. I’m no better at playing the piano on the 1st day of 2023 as I was on the 1st day of 2022. Still on beginner level, lol. Why? Because I did not make time for it during the year.

My point is this, whatever area we want to see change in our lives, we have to be willing to put in some work. We can’t keep procrastinating and we can’t keep doing the same things we did in 2022 and expecting different results in 2023. We have to do something different in 2023 to get the results we didn’t get in 2022. Proverbs 24:33-34 says, “…If you put off until tomorrow the work you could do today, tomorrow never seems to come.”

My prayer is that we invite God into our 2023 and we ask Him what He wants us to prioritise. What He wants us to make time for and the steps He wants us to take to get done all He wants us to get done in 2023. After we do that, I pray that we have the fortitude to get up and do what needs to be done.

This is not to say we will not face trouble in 2023, but to say through it all, with God at the centre, we know all things will work out for our good. We will look back on 2023 with gratitude that God was with us and that we are in a better position spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and/or financially at the end of the year than we are now. There is always more with God. Let’s enter the year with expectation and determination to be all God wants us to be.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano.

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