Hmm, strange.

We have a Helper. I was just reading over last week’s post and thought, if there was ever a time I needed a Helper, it was last week. I am so glad to have the Holy Spirit! It’s time for a story time, we can story time in blogs too, its not just for TikTok, lol.

Last week I was having a crazy busy and crazy stressful week. It was just one of those weeks where I felt a little off balance. No one has got it together all the time. I certainly don’t, I can tell you that!

I spent most of my week asking God for help and for wisdom on how to handle and deal with certain things. One day on my way to work I was thinking about Psalm 91. I started praying Psalm 91 over myself. I had a feeling I was mixing up the verses in my Mel Translation which lives in my head, so I decided to open my bible app and read the verses and see myself in the verses as I prayed them over myself. I finished praying and nothing drastic happened and I moved on with life.

Fast forward to one of the evenings in the week (it could have been the same day I am not sure, last week is full of repressed memories, lol). I was leaving work with my friend Holly. (Hi Holly! She reads my posts every week so gotta give her a shout out lol). As we were leaving our office building something strange happened. I felt a large drop of water enter my shoe. I was wearing boots on the day and long pants, so it was strange how whilst I was still under the roof of the outdoor entrance area, a drop of water had managed to get in my shoe. It had stopped raining outside too.

Well, it is the type of thing that I would find strange as my mathematical mind tried to work out the probability of that drop of water missing everything else including my pants and finding a narrow space through which to enter my shoe undisturbed on its trajectory from wherever it fell from. So, I paused for a few seconds to have a look with Holly as we tried to figure out what had just happened and how.

I thought, “hmm, strange” and proceeded to walk down the road. We were both a little distracted. I was overtired and Holly was trying to make a call. We crossed the road, and I was walking a little ahead of Holly. Just before we got to the pavement, a tree branch just fell from the tree nearby and broke into 3 pieces in front of us. Ordinarily, I would have thought, “hmm, strange” and kept going but Holly was screaming in the middle of the road as her life flashed before her eyes, which made the whole thing hilarious to me! She goes, “Oh my gosh we nearly died!” So dramz! Haha!

Then she asked me why I didn’t scream. I said it was because Jesus had our backs it was all good. Sometimes we get so used to God coming through for us that we can miss it and just think, “hmm, strange”. When we miss the good things that God is doing for us, it is easy to get fixated on the things that are not working. Pause. Take a moment to appreciate the small things and thank God.

See that week I asked for help for all sorts of things but getting home from work safely was not one of them. Except that even though I didn’t ask, God was still looking out for me in the unseen. This is why the Holy Spirit led me to pray Psalm 91 over myself.

The point of this story time is that God is always looking out for us. It may not be in the way that we are expecting. I wanted all my problems to go away last week and have a less stressful week but that didn’t happen. My work problems did not magically disappear, but God did help me navigate through it all. What I wasn’t aware of was what the devil was planning in the background.

From the prayer to the drop of rain in my boot, to the branch falling and missing me by seconds, God was working in the unseen. God is always working whether or not we can see it. I hope that as you go through your journey with God, that you pay attention to the little prompts of the Holy Spirit. He is here to help you. Help Him to help you.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano.

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