The Cross: You have a Father.

Last week we looked at how the cross was the greatest symbol of love there is. One of the amazing results of the cross is that it brings us into relationship with our Father, God. Sin once separated us, until Jesus Christ paid the price for all our sins on the cross. He brought us into righteousness that we may stand holy, pure and without fault before our righteous Father.

Our faith in Jesus transfers God’s righteousness to us and he now declares us flawless in his eyes. This means we can now enjoy true and lasting peace with God, all because of what our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, has done for us. Our faith guarantees us permanent access into this marvelous kindness that has given us a perfect relationship with God. What incredible joy bursts forth within us as we keep on celebrating our hope of experiencing God’s glory! – Romans 5:1-2.

How amazing is that? All it takes from our end is faith in Jesus and God does all the heavy lifting. There is nothing in this world that can replace the relationship we have with God. Deep within us there is a yearning to know and be known by our Father. Deep within us there is a cry, that can sometimes be deafening, which seeks to know who we are and what our purpose in this life is.

Surely there must be more to life than waking up and going to work (or school or wherever you go during the day), eat and sleep. There is more to life than just living day after day aimlessly. Paying bills, having coffee with friends, scrolling through Facebook and watching Netflix. Surely there is more right? Absolutely!

We will never get to experience the “more to life” we search for, our purpose in this world without first embracing our relationship with our Father who also happens to be our Creator (i.e. product designer). He knows why He created us and shaped us and formed us into who we are. A relationship with God is the doorway to purposeful living. The cross offers us an opportunity to enter that relationship. What grace! What a wonderful God we serve. He is always reaching out to us and waits for the day that we reach back in faith in Jesus.

I pray that if you haven’t done so already, you find a good Bible based church that can help you make the first connection to our Heavenly Father and welcome you into this wonderful family of God’s kids so you can begin your relationship with your Father. He is literally a prayer away. He is not far at all.  

If you can’t wait till Sunday, you can pray this prayer, “Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Jesus Christ to die for my sins. Thank you for loving me enough to die for me. I pray that you forgive all of my sins. I accept Jesus into my heart, to be my Lord and Saviour. I want to know You personally as my Father and to know that I am loved by You. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.”

That’s it. If you prayed that prayer and you believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins and was raised again to life- welcome to God’s family! You still gotta find a church to plug into though! 🙂

Love and Blessings,

Melissa Tsingano.

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