Overflow with thanks.

Psalm 75:1 says, “God, our hearts spill over with praise to you! We overflow with thanks, for your name is the “Near One.” All we want to talk about is your wonderful works!

God is good, all the time. I know sometimes we get comfortable saying that in church without stopping to really think about what we are saying. God is good, absolutely 100% of the time. He is good when things are going well and I am standing on the mountain tops. He is good when everything seems to be crashing and burning and I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death. 

God is good and the Earth is filled with His wonderful works. We have a choice in what we focus on. We can focus on the negativity surrounding us and blame God for something the devil is doing. Or we can look around us and see the glory of God displayed in creation. The beauty of a sunset which costs us nothing yet goes unnoticed each day. The beautiful shapes and textures of clouds in the sky during the day and stars at night. We have reminders all around us of how good God is and that His plan is for beauty and joy and freedom and not pain and suffering. 

We can talk about the bad things that are happening, or we can choose to stand and allow our hearts to overflow with thanks for the mercies we receive throughout the day. God is near, Immanuel, He is here with us. As we wait for Him, let us keep our eyes focused on what He is doing not what we think He should be doing. After all, do we know better than God? I think not. 

Let’s practice thankfulness until it overflows from us and all we can talk about is the goodness of the One who saves, Jesus Christ. 

Love and Blessings!


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