Nothing else matters.

Colossians 3:11 says, “In this new creation life, your nationality makes no difference, or your ethnicity, education, or economic status—they matter nothing. For it is Christ that means everything as he lives in every one of us!

What this verse is telling us is that, nationality, ethnicity, education or economic status- these are Earthly things. When we fully embrace Jesus Christ, what should matter most is Him. We become heaven minded and driven by eternity and not just status or titles.

We begin to do things in accordance with his word not just because society or culture dictates it. We lay down everything so we can best serve Him with the life He has given us. Are there things holding you back from fully serving God and keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus? We need to live our lives from a point where Jesus Christ means everything to us. Full aware that He is with us and He will never leave us.

Have a blessed week!

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