IOU Day 1

Wow we made it through 14 Days of Whispers! I hope you were blessed by that, I know I was. God speaks to me as much as He speaks to you through these posts and we are both on a journey 🙂

Today I want us to reflect back to the 14 Days of Whispers. Did you notice that there was a full stop at the end of each blog post title? That was not coincidental. I recently learnt the value in a full stop. A full stop means that is the end of the sentence. No but, maybe or perhaps. When God says I see you. That is it. He sees you. It’s not I see you but sometimes I get tired of looking. No, it is a final and settled matter to Him.

So today I encourage you to pick which of the posts from the last 14 Days you are most thankful for. You can comment leave a comment here with the post name that blessed you or it can be between you and God. Anyway point is to thank God for sharing His heart with you in that area of your life through that post and giving Him all the praise for there is definitely more that He wants to share with you.

Psalm 34:1 says, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth“. May the Lord’s praise continually be in our mouths!

Take a few moments to thank God for what He has been doing in your heart in this season in your life. We owe God all the praise! Hence the title for the next few days I O U (I owe You). 

Have a blessed day. 

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