I’ve got you.

That is a phrase people sometimes use to mean, I have you covered. I have faced situations where I had no idea how it was all going to work out but I prayed and put my trust in God and He came through for me. It is in situations you know you have zero control that you really see the Sovereignty of God. It is when you are backed into a corner with no way out that you see God make a way for you. So when you are faced with difficult situations, hear God saying to you, “I’ve got you”. 

We have an enemy who is very good at lying to us and deceiving us into thinking that we have to be deserving of God’s love, of His mercy, of His help when we are in trouble. God says to us that what Jesus did on the cross covered multitudes of sins, bad attitudes or whatever it is you may think is stopping God from showing up in your situation. The moment you realise and accept that you do not stand on your own righteousness but that of Jesus Christ, you will be free from trying to earn God’s love. Free from trying to earn His affection so you can get help in your situation. God loves you today, completely. He will do a work in us to transform us into the image of Christ after salvation, but that is not to make Him love us more, more so to improve the quality of our lives in our time here on earth. God already loves you and He says that whatever you need today, He’s got you. We need only ask and have faith in Him.

I heard it preached recently that both realms of the spirit (evil and good) work by faith. We draw things from the unseen spiritual realm by our faith. Which means, if we believe God can and will help us and we put our faith in Him for breakthrough, then we will see breakthrough. If we have faith or believe that evil will prevail and there will be no end to our trouble, then that is what we will get. We receive what we believe. We receive what we have faith for. We need to start putting our faith in the God who professes His love for us throughout scripture and who is saying to us today, “I’ve got you”. We need to start believing that God does have us covered and we need to put all our faith in Him and trust Him to help us through. 

Whatever you could be facing today, perhaps you are believing that it will not rain today so you do not track mud into your sparkly clean car or you are believing for something bigger or smaller, whatever the case may be, hear God today and believe Him when He says, “I’ve got you”.

Have a blessed day. 

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