I care about you.

Have you ever been in a bit of a tight fix and you looked to someone for help but they could not care less? I remember I was once in a situation where I eventually ended up asking the person, “Do you even care?” That person was not even doing the bare minimum required for their job to help me navigate the situation I was in. Anyway, perhaps at times in your journey with God you have gone through things that made you question if God cared. Sometimes we think God is so focused on the big picture He does not care about the seemingly small things that happen in between but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Yesterday when we were talking about God honouring us, we looked at 1 Peter 5:6. The very next verse tells us in 1 Peter 5:7NLT, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”. What does it mean in that verse when it says God cares about us? 

I received a revelation of the word “care” as it is used in the original Hebrew language in the Bible. When we are told that God cares for us, it means that He not only thinks about what we need today. He has also gone into our future and He knows exactly what we need to get to where He is leading us. That word “care” means to anticipate one’s needs before they even become a need. See, God is always one step ahead of us. There is not a thing we face that God has not seen and He has planned a way for us to navigate the storms of life. 

I know that we may never dare say it out loud that we think God does not care about a certain thing in our lives but sometimes our minds go there and we feel alone and hopeless. If you have ever had that thought, God wants you to know that He not only sees you, He cares. We are very aware that God is omnipresent (He is everywhere all at once) however, sometimes we diminish His capacity to care for us and love us. We are told in Matthew 10:30 that God even has the hairs on our heads numbered. I could not care enough to count my own hair but God has counted it all up and He has done the same for you. What does the number of hairs on my head have to do with anything? Apparently nothing. I have seen bald people and they are doing just fine (less work for God there!). So when the bible tells us that God counts the hairs on our heads and has them numbered, that is an illustration of how much attention He pays to you. He cares even about the seemingly unimportant details. He cares about everything you. He cares about you. 

So, when you are stuck in moments when you feel overwhelmed or like no one cares, be reminded that God cares about you. Not only about the big picture or the end goal, He also cares very much about the process. God cares about everything that affects the quality of your life. He wants us to dwell in His courts and flourish. Whatever it is you may think God does not care about, take it to Him in prayer and see what He will do with it. He is saying to you today, “I care about you”.

Have a blessed day.

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