Start your day with Jesus

What are your plans this weekend? I enjoyed a good sleep in after a busy week. I hope you all have a good rest this weekend and remember to seek God first in all that you do. That means first thing in the morning before you get too busy you set some time aside to talk to God. That used to stress me out because I am not a morning person- in terms of the waking up and getting out of bed part. I wake up at the last possible minute such that if I do everything quickly I can get out and make it to work on time. I then realised that putting God first did not mean I had to wake up 1 hour early, of which if you can get up early and that works for you, do it! For me, I take the first few moments after i turn my alarm off to talk to Jesus. 

I read an article which had an excerpt from the book written by Sheila Walsh, “5 Minutes with Jesus” a while ago and she said that she prays Psalm 143:8 to kick start her day. I thought that was a smart way to start the day so I started praying the Psalm in the morning. That way I invite God into my day. Perhaps you can try start with this Psalm too so your day begins with Jesus. 

Let’s pray: “Father, let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you”, in Jesus Name, Amen. Have a good Saturday!

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