What can I do for you?

Last couple of weeks I have mentioned how we are saved for something. What are we saved for?

Galatians 2:20 says, “My old identity has been co-crucified with Christ and no longer lives. And now the essence of this new life is no longer mine, for the Anointed One lives his life through me—we live in union as one! My new life is empowered by the faith of the Son of God who loves me so much that he gave himself for me, dispensing his life into mine!

So at salvation we were co-crucified with Jesus Christ and our spirit man (because we are created in three parts, spirit, soul and body) was born again and made alive to Christ. Before salvation we are spiritually dead, which means we were separated from God. At salvation our spirit is infused with life and is in union with God, the Holy Spirit.

Why would God go through the trouble of living in us if not for a purpose? I mean, given a choice between heaven and earth, I think heaven is much more comfortable than living in human beings. So why does God choose to live in and with us and not watch us from a distance? Main reason is because He loves us so much. He wants to be close to us so that we are never alone and whenever we need Him, He is right here, John 14:18-20. Like a mother doesn’t want to be too far from her precious new born baby, Holy Spirit didn’t want to be too far away from us.

The second reason is found in Acts 1. In Acts 1:4 it says, “Jesus instructed them, “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait here until you receive the gift I told you about, the gift the Father has promised.” In Acts 1:8 He went on to say, “But I promise you this—the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and you will be seized with power. You will be my messengers to Jerusalem, throughout Judea, the distant provinces—even to the remotest places on earth!”

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Godhead and just like Papa God and Jesus, the Holy Spirit is fully God. When we are born again, spiritually we are in union with the Holy Spirit and we get the witness of the Holy Spirit in us as we go through life. However, if we want to engage in what God has saved us for, which is to advance His Kingdom, we need the power of the Holy Spirit which we get from being baptised in the Holy Spirit, Acts 1:5. Baptism of the Holy Spirit has the evidence of speaking in tongues, Acts 2:1-13.

Tongues is the language of the Holy Spirit. If we are going to be advancing God’s kingdom, it will be helpful to be able to speak God’s language. It gets our mind, will and emotions out of the way. It’s not our will that we need to be done, it’s God’s will. His plans, His way. Go watch or listen to the “Holy Spirit” series at https://mymaximize.com/?page_id=965 it will change your life and explain the above in great detail.

Advancing God’s kingdom can be as simple as trusting and obeying the Holy Spirit when He tells you to pray for someone or showing up to your workplace. It doesn’t need to be weird. You have a purpose in the earth. You are here for a reason. Now that you are saved, start asking God how you can make your life a life of service. How can you serve God in your generation like King David served God in his generation? What can you do for God?

We don’t all need to be pastors or have a pulpit ministry but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in our world that God wants us to reach. There are people that we may come across that may never step into church, but they don’t mind having a conversation with you.

We have been given a great gift in the Holy Spirit. We are not given power so we can lord it over others or get prideful like, “Look at me.” We are given power so we can help lift others up and get them to Jesus so they too can begin their journey with Christ. Our lives, need to point people to Jesus and draw people to Him.

Don’t go through life waiting for heaven. Partner with the Holy Spirit and see how you can bring heaven on earth, to see God’s will and His plans fulfilled in your life. See how you can experience and touch heaven’s kingdom realm and how you can help others do the same.

We don’t get our purpose just by us living life as lone rangers, we discover our purpose in community. God is always about others not self. He is not raising us to be self-centred beings, but others centred. “How can I serve you? What can I do for you?” That is our heart as Christians towards others. Not, “What can you do for me?” That’s worldly. Best place to be is to be, is to be planted in a church that is right for you. There you can begin your journey of loving and serving God as you learn to love and serve others.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano

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