Last week we started looking at the fruit of kindness, sweetness or gentleness. I had a look at the Greek word used for this and it is the word chēstotēs which includes gentleness and kindness but it goes further and also includes goodness as in moral goodness and integrity or moral excellence. I can tell you now, I did not see that coming when I was looking up the word!

So the fruit of the Spirit is gentleness, sweetness, kindness, goodness, integrity or moral excellence all summed up in the one word. I think this ties in with what we were talking about last week, that we cannot fluctuate. We have to be consistent in our kindness. If we are kind to one, we have to be kind to all. We have to treat all humanity with respect, love and kindness. We have to have integrity with our dealings with one another.

I like the word “goodness” used there. Because if you remember our verse, Galatians 5:22-23 taken from the Passion Translation, it calls this fruit, “kindness in action”. There is a correlation between kindness in action and all the other words used above. Take for example, goodness. The Bible says, taste and see that the Lord is good, Psalm 34:8. Goodness is something that can be experienced. It is not just something that people talk about it is experienced. Likewise, our goodness, our kindness, sweetness, moral integrity, these are not just things we put down on a resume. These are things that the people who come into contact with us ought to be able to experience.

When people have a conversation with you, do they walk away thinking, “My, he is so kind?” When we have business dealings with people, do they walk away thinking, “Wow, she is so honest and full of integrity?” We all get tested in this so we can grow. So next time you see that old lady trying to cross the road, don’t look away alright, lol. Be kind, sweet, gentle and full of moral excellence. Kindness is never wasted.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano.

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