Jesus- Our stairway to heaven

Because we can’t see God, sometimes it is easy to feel as though we are all alone but nothing could be further from the truth. Last week we were talking about Jacob. How he found himself in the unknown and uncertain of his future but God came and showed him a stairway to heaven with angels ascending and descending on it. Then God spoke to his future in that place. 

In the natural it looked like Jacob was all alone but spiritually he was in the middle of something significant. He had direct access to heaven and God was standing at the top of the stairs looking right at him. He was not alone. This week we will be looking at John 1:51 which says, and this is Jesus speaking by the way, “I prophesy to you eternal truth: From now on, you all will see an open heaven and gaze upon the Son of Man like a stairway reaching into the sky with the messengers [angels] of God climbing up and down upon Him!

What Jacob experienced that night when he was on the run was a glimpse into what was to come in the future for all of us. God never intended for us to do life on our own. Pride says, “I’ve got this. Let me do me.” Humility says, “I need God, I can’t do this on my own.” We all need God and God has made a way for us to be able to access Him. Jesus. Jesus promised us an open heaven where we can look and see Him. 

Through Jesus we have direct access to the throne room of God. There is no situation in life that we can go through that will undo what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jesus brought us back into relationship with our Father such that when we find ourselves in unknown places where we can’t see our future clearly, we have to remember we, like Jacob, have a stairway to heaven wherever we are and we can pray to God and hear from God. Jesus is our place of divine exchange. We cast our burdens and anxieties onto Him and we receive His peace. We give Him praise, He takes away our heaviness. Jesus is close by and never far away.

God is not only looking at us from the top of the stairway, He is the stairway and He also lives in us. So we have Jesus the stairway to heaven, Papa God standing at the top of the stairway looking at us from His throne room ready to hear our prayers and release the answers we so desperately need and Holy Spirit living in us and strengthening us from the inside! How amazing is that? We are never alone and our future is always bright and full of hope with Jesus. So no matter what life is throwing at you this season, close your eyes and picture the stairway with angels ascending and descending on it and remind yourself, “Surely the Lord is in this place!” (Genesis 28:16) Surely God is in this season with me. Surely. God is faithful, always. 

You don’t have to have your life figured out for God to come rescue you. Jacob had just deceived his father and “stolen” his brother’s blessing. But God still came to him and spoke to him. We can be in the middle of a mess and God will speak to us and give us direction on how to get out and He will remind us of the bright future He has planned for us. Don’t get stuck. Jesus is our Saviour which quite literally means that He is our rescuer. He saves us and rescues us when we are in trouble. Whatever we need in a situation, Jesus is our access to it. He is the connector between Heaven and Earth. He is our stairway to heaven. 

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano.

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