The Super and the natural.

Last week I briefly mentioned how we sometimes measure what God is asking us to do by what we think we are capable of. Over the years I have realized that I underestimate myself. There are so many things I thought I couldn’t handle but when faced with them, I found I had exactly what it took to deal with them and overcome them. 

Ephesians 3:20-21 says, “Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

I think sometimes what we overlook from that verse is that the mighty power of God that is at work, is at work in us. God can do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what we ask think or imagine according to His power that is at work in us. So sometimes we believe that God can do crazy amazing things and we believe that He has immeasurable power but we forget that we are the vessels through which God wants to do the crazy amazing things. 

I get it, if I were God I wouldn’t want to partner my perfection with imperfect people. I think if you were God you probably wouldn’t pick you for your team too. But that’s the great news- we are not God and He definitely does not think like us because He wants to partner with us. He wants to add His super to our natural so we can accomplish great things in Him and through Him. 

I was struggling to come up with a name for this series because I was looking at it from the perspective of our inadequacies as human beings but now that I write it, I am starting to see it from the perspective of heaven. God partnering with us has nothing to do with what we can or cannot do. God is so perfect that our imperfections do not lower the greatness and awesomeness of His perfection. Even partnered with flawed human beings, God is still perfect.

Which means that we don’t need to worry about getting it wrong or messing it up. Does it mean we won’t get it wrong or mess it up? No. It just means we have grace from God because He understands we are human. We can see that Jonah purposefully dropped the ball when he decided to run away from what God was asking him to do, but God, with the help of a big fish, brought him back. Peter chopped off a soldier’s ear right in front of Jesus, Jesus picked it up and put it back. What I am saying is this, we will make mistakes, but we cannot let that stop us from pursuing our yes to God. When we make mistakes, we repent and ask God to forgive us. Honestly God is so quick to forgive that I hold grudges against myself long after God has forgiven me. I find that sometimes I am still talking about it long after God has moved on. God is good. 

We can’t withhold our yes because we are scared of our imperfections. Our imperfections are no surprise to God and God already has a plan in place to bring you back on track when you stray. There is a great work that God wants to do in and through you. Will you let Him do it?

It takes humility to partner with God. It means we stop pretending that we got it all together and we say, “Yeah God, I am going to need Your help to do this.” As long as we continue to rely on God and lean on Him and trust Him to give us wisdom on how to steward and manage what He has given to us, we will be alright. James 4:6 tells us something very important and it says, “But he continues to pour out more and more grace upon us. For it says, God resists you when you are proud but continually pours out grace when you are humble.”

So, if you need grace to step into your yes to God, humility is a great starting point. It’s God’s power that works the miraculous in and through us. We can’t do it in and of ourselves. We need God. Whatever your yes may be to God, you are going to need God to see it through. And He is ready to step right in and partner with you to do all the things He purposed for you. 

Love and Blessings,

Melissa Tsingano

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