Safe in His Presence

Last week we talked about how we have a safe hiding place, a place where we are always welcome and a place where we are always safe in God. We have covering by the precious blood of Jesus and we have protection in His Name. This week I wanted to talk about another place where we are safe. In the Presence of God. His Presence offers us peace and protection. 

I am reminded of when I was a young girl. Sometimes my dad would travel for work or other times he would work late. On days when my dad was out of town or working late, I would go to bed but never really feeling safe. A part of me wasn’t at ease. As soon as I would hear his car pull up the drive way, I knew I’d be alright and I would be at peace. 

As I grew older and came into my relationship with God, I realised that there was so much peace in the Presence of God. Sometimes I’d lay awake in bed at night, I had insomnia, but I knew that for as long as the Presence of God was in the room, I was safe. There were nights were I would lay in my bed talking to God and my room would become so bright I could see everything. It was beautiful and comforting. We are always safe in God’s Presence.

There is something about the Presence of God. There is no match for it, there is no comparison to it. It cannot be imitated or faked and it is not weird. There is a purity to God’s Presence because God is Pure and Holy. God’s Presence is not something to be feared. 

Exodus 33:14 says, “The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”” God said this to Moses as an encouragement, to give him peace and comfort. There is peace and comfort in the Presence of God. By comfort I don’t mean God makes us comfortable because sometimes He confronts things in us and convicts us and helps us deal with stuff. What I mean is that when we are hurting we can be comforted, when we are anxious or stressed out, He gives us His peace. His Presence is a place of exchange. We trade in our mourning for gladness, depression for joy, anxiety and stress for peace. God wants to give us rest. 

I did mention that when I was younger my room would become so bright with the Presence of God. However, that does not mean when it is dark around us that God is not with us. Genesis 15:12-13 says, “As the sun was going down, Abram fell into a deep sleep, and a terrifying darkness came down over him. Then the Lord said to Abram…” Isn’t that crazy, that God’s Presence was there and God spoke to Abram from what was called a “terrifying darkness”. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in dark seasons, in dark places whether emotionally, spiritually or physically. That does not mean God’s Presence cannot access us or get to us. Darkness does not intimidate God. He can still speak in the darkness and bring peace and life to us. If you keep reading Genesis 15, you’ll realise that in the midst of the terrifying and unsettling darkness, that’s when God made the covenant with Abraham to bless his descendants and give them an inheritance of the land the Lord would give to them. 

In this season we are in, we must remember the promise in Exodus 33, that God’s Presence will go with us and give us rest. We do not need to worry or strive. We only need to believe Him. Take Him at His word and trust Him to do as He says. He is good and He is with us. 

When everything around you is going crazy and there are so many thoughts tormenting you or stressing you out, sit in His Presence. Put on some worship music and begin to worship Him, begin to talk to Him. After all prayer is communication. Two way communication. Talk to Him and wait for an answer. God is always faithful to answer us when we pray. I believe that God has something amazing to say to you in this season. It may be dark but God can speak a life transforming word in the midst of darkness. There are some new things to be birthed in this season. The access to those things is in His Presence.  

Have a blessed week!

Love and blessings, 

Melissa Tsingano.

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