Jesus (part 1)

This week and next week we are going to be looking at our relationship with Jesus. Mostly because He is the face of the Trinity. He is the Rep for the God-head, lol. So, most of us get to know Jesus first but in reality it is the Holy Spirit who woos us into the relationship with Jesus. It’s so amazing how they seamlessly work together.

Jesus is the One who died for our sins. He is the bridge that mended our broken relationship with Father God and restored us into right standing with God so we could be once again called His sons and daughters. How we see Jesus is very important to our Christian walk. Most images of Jesus displayed, display a Jesus that is rather weak and timid or hanging on the cross. Jesus is neither weak nor timid. Also, whilst the image of Jesus on the cross is a great reminder of the great sacrifice He made for our sins, He is not there anymore. He is alive, He is alive, He is risen!

Jesus not only died for us, He rose again for us so we could see that He had overcome sin and death. See, Jesus did not need to make a pit stop through Earth after His resurrection. He could have just gone straight to Heaven. But, He came back so His disciples could see Him. So they could see that the same Jesus they saw die on Friday was alive on Sunday.

Some say seeing is believing. Ask Thomas the disciple, he’ll tell you! Jesus wanted to be seen so people could believe in the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. The resurrection power of the Holy Spirit would still have been effective had Jesus gone straight to Heaven but so people could see that there was life on the other side of the cross, Jesus made a pit stop.

Jesus was not in a hurry. He had no demons chasing after Him, He had been to hell and back. Literally. And He had dealt with death and had confronted the devil face to face. I can’t wait till I get to heaven because that’s something I want to see on a big screen! The devil shaking in His boots, defeated and Jesus standing there saying, “So you thought you had won?” Jesus is mighty and strong and the devil is scared of Him. He is God.

We’ll continue on this thought next week.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano

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