Purposeful living

Our theme for this year can be summed up in one word, purpose. That is living on purpose and walking out our God given purpose. Today we will look at living on purpose.

Living on purpose is about being present. Sometimes because of technology we can be in one place but we are on our phones scrolling through Instagram or facebook or twitter. So, we are physically present, but we are not present. I feel that God wants us to take time to connect with people. Connect with each other, with family and with friends. To be so present that we forget where our phones are until it is time to go home.

The Bible tells us that the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). If he can’t kill you or destroy you he will most definitely steal from you. What was meant to be a good thing, technology, has the power to steal from us so many moments with loved ones. As we scroll through our phones looking at our “friends” posts, and feeds and tweets we miss what’s in front of us.

This year I want us to resolve in our hearts and in our minds that we will be living on purpose. That we will have the capacity to put the phone down and engage with the people in front of us. That once in a while we will not order our coffee on our phones to avoid conversation but we walk up to the counter and say hello and smile at someone.

Did you know that your most easily defined area of influence as a child of God is the place you are physically? People get to see you and connect with you and see God through you. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, meaning that we have God living inside of us. God is able to reach the people around us through us.

Let’s resolve to just be present. To be available. We sometimes say, “God use me”. But what if He is looking for opportunities to use you but you are simply not available. You are too distracted on your phone or tablet or TV screen or listening to music. We must come back to this place of stillness before God.

I sometimes put my phone in my bag when I am on the train and take out my earphones and just sit. I get some side eyes like I’m weird but its okay to be okay with just silence and no scrolling. To be present in the moment and just listen to God. I have more fun when I am living in this space.

Let’s make it a point to be present in 2020. Let’s have 2020 vision when it comes to the people God has put in our lives. Let’s see people, notice people, be present with people. The most amazing ministry moments happen in everyday conversation. Giving someone an encouraging word. Telling someone you love them. Telling someone how good they are at their job. Telling someone they are unique. It is hardly ever weird. It’s in the random moments that seem insignificant that God is able to communicate through us to those around us.

I’ve had random moments where I found myself talking to strangers and I’m thinking, “God will You cut it out? I look crazy talking to all these people!” But, God loves people and we must be available to be His hands, feet and sometimes a smile and vessel for random conversations with strangers. 

It all starts with being present in the moment. Let’s make an effort to see people and be seen. To be present means we have to be a little vulnerable too. But that’s ok. We are in this together and God’s got us.

Love and blessings,

Melissa Tsingano

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