Flat & Bleh.

Romans 8:6 says, “So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace”.

I have been meditating on the above verse and yesterday something happened that made me see exactly what this verse means. I have been a little unwell lately- nothing serious. I spent the whole weekend thinking about it and the whole day on Monday thinking about it. Not consciously of course but I was aware of my body more than usual. 

I realised that I was unusually quiet on Monday. I felt flat and bleh. I just had nothing to say about anything. I was not troubled within, just super quiet. I mean I wasn’t even talking to myself and I love having a good conversation with myself! #confessions. I asked God if there was something happening in my subconscious that I was not aware of. I went to bed and I had a dream. In this dream I was talking to my mother and my grandmother telling them all my ailments and why I was upset because my body wasn’t acting right. 

I woke up from that dream and realised that the main feeling of that dream was self pity. I had taken my eyes of Jesus and I was in this place where I was feeling like poor me. In doing that, my sinful nature or my soul was in control of my thoughts. I was throwing myself a pity party and it was draining the life out of me, literally. I’ve never felt more flat than I did on Monday. When God showed me this, He reminded me to fix my eyes on Him and not only that, I also have to allow Him to control my thought life so I can have life and peace. So I had to break up with Flat & Bleh and call off the pity party. 

See, God does not just want us to have life and peace when everything is going well. He wants this for us every single day. It is a lifestyle whereby we are full of life and we are peaceful in Him. If you have been feeling a little flat or off centre lately, perhaps this is for you. Spend time with God and see where there has been a soul take over in your thoughts. Capture your thoughts and bring them back into submission to Jesus Christ. We have the power to choose the direction our thoughts should take. Our verse says that “letting” or allowing the Spirit to take control of our thoughts… we have to make that choice to give Him permission to do it. Then we can have life and peace. 

Love and Blessings!

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