Removing distractions.

John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me“.

Sometimes when we try to listen to what God is speaking to us, we face many distractions that stop us from hearing. Distractions come in many forms. I have realised that sometimes we are so good about turning off the outside distractions; putting our mobile phones away, getting some quiet or alone time etc. However, the most distractions I find are in my head. 

When I sit to speak to God the enemy tries to bombard my mind with thoughts about things that need to be done or weird thoughts that make me re-evaluate if I should be speaking to God at that particular time. BUT God has been showing me something. That when distractions come or weird thoughts go through our minds, He does not back away and think bad thoughts about us. Instead He leans in and tries to help us fix our eyes and our thoughts on Him. 

When faced with distractions it is up to us to press through and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. God says, “We are on the same team you and I”. He helps us press through even in the presence of distractions. The presence of distractions does not mean the absence of God. He loves speaking to us and He wants to help us learn to listen to His voice and follow Him on the paths of righteousness. 

Have a blessed week!

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