Sit at His feet.

There is a song by Tasha Cobbs called “Forever at your feet” and the lyrics for most of the song are “And I’ll be seated at your feet, to worship at your feet. I’ll be right here at your feet, forever”.

That song reminds me of the story of Mary and Martha in Luke Chapter 10. Mary and Martha were hosting a mini party in their living room. Martha went to work immediately and started doing things to ensure the comfort of their guests. She went about cooking food because there was no chef or wait staff and she had to make preparations to make sure that everyone who was hanging out with Jesus was comfortable. Mary on the other hand sat with the other guests at the feet of Jesus and listened to every word He spoke.

As you would imagine, this really annoyed Martha as she was stuck doing all the work alone but Jesus, instead of telling Mary to go help  Martha, He invited Martha to be more like Mary. He invited Martha to see the value in sitting at His feet. Sitting is a position of rest. God wants us to operate from a place of rest and not strife.

 In our day to day lives, most of us are like Martha. We are busy at work all day, then we come home to a list of things to do before bed and the cycle never ends. The sad part is that in doing so, we miss out on spending time with Jesus. We remain thirsty in our souls because we do not take the time to go sit and drink from the fountain of life (see Psalm 36:9).

Jesus wants us to be aware of His Presence in our daily lives. He also wants us to make time for Him where we, like Mary, can sit at His feet and just worship Him. There is so much to be gained by us sitting at His feet, it is more for our benefit than it is for Him. Let’s make time to be with Jesus and enjoy His Presence.

Have a blessed week.

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