Our God reigns!

He is Lord, our God reigns forever.

Do you ever stop to have a think about how magnificent our God is? See that’s part of worship, standing back and looking at God in awe of who He is. Amazed by His glory and splendor.

Ephesians 2:6, “For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus”.

There is always worship going on in heaven and it should be so in our hearts. There should always be worship in our hearts. We don’t wait until Sunday to get connected with God. We faithfully declare that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus and we press in and join the worship in heaven and glorify God.

Worship is not an event, it is a posture of the heart and it flows into every part of our lives. When our heart is postured right, even the work we do at our jobs is worship no matter how mundane.

Let God be the center of all that you do. Turn your eyes to Him and worship Him with all you have and with all you do.

Have a blessed week.

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