I N S C R I B E: The three witnesses Part 4/5

The blood

The blood of Jesus was shed as He hung on the cross during the crucifixion. The crucifixion of Jesus was so phenomenal that the people who witnessed Jesus die and the events that followed uttered the words, “Surely this was the Son of God” (see Matthew 27:54 and Mark 15:39).

What was significant about the crucifixion of Jesus? The sun refused to shine (see Mark 15:33), the world stood in darkness as creation watched the Creator hanging on the cross.  Darkness covered the Earth as the forces of darkness watched Jesus take back all power and authority on the cross. The earth trembled as an earthquake tore through the foundations and stones split and godly people who were long dead were seen walking on the streets. 

The veil in the temple was torn in two (see Mark 15:38). The significance of the veil being torn in two was that the veil represented the separation between God and man. However, as Christ died on the cross and our debt was paid in full, there was no need for the separation between us and the Father. Christ took upon Himself our unrighteousness so we could be righteous before God. Righteous in simple terms means to have right standing with God. We are not in animosity with God any longer if we believe in Jesus Christ and accept that the price for all our transgressions was paid. 

Christ said the significant words, “It is finished” before He breathed His last (see John 19:30). Those words were not spoken as He walked out of the grave but as He was going in. He didn’t say it is finished when He was rising from the dead but when He was dying. The work of the cross was finished when Jesus died. That’s why the veil was torn when He died and not when He rose again. That is why the earth trembled as the old covenant was put away and the new covenant was put in place. Our sins had been judged and punished in Christ and grace entered the Earth.

The Earth stood still. No one knew what was next and for 2 days it looked like nothing had changed but we know what happened on the third day. The Holy Spirit reached into the depths of the grave and brought Jesus back to life. Jesus is risen and is alive!

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