Keep walking

I didn’t intend on writing anything today not quite sure why but I was avoiding it. However, I feel a burden on my heart to write something. I am not even sure what this will be but here goes:

Today many years ago was one of Jesus’ toughest day. If you think you are going through a tough time right now, Jesus over 2000 years ago at this time, had it tougher. Jesus faced one of the most agonising and hardest day of His life right at the precipice of destiny. Jesus was standing at the brink of destiny when He endured His hardest day. 

We were His hope, we were His mission. Our souls were at stake and because of that Jesus paid the price that only the truest form of love could ever pay. I am happy to have Jesus in my life because there is no love like His. No one can love me the way He does even if they committed their entire life to it. Jesus’ love is immeasurable. We talk about the cross but we do not even fully understand it. Someday we will but right now all we can do is be thankful to God for loving us.

When Jesus died for us, there was no guarantee that any of us would ever turn to Him but He took a chance anyway. Jesus’ destiny was to pay the price on the cross so you and I could uncover our destiny in Him. The best way of showing our gratitude to Jesus is by walking in our destiny. By walking in what He has called us to do. We honour His sacrifice by living our lives committed to Him. We show Him our affection by turning our eyes on Him everyday, in every situation and having our hearts turned towards Him. God = love. 

So if you are going through a tough time right now, be encouraged- Jesus faced the hardest day of His life when He was at the cusp of destiny. You are onto something. Keep walking with God. He who died for you won’t let you fall. You are valuable to God and He loves you more than you know. He holds your world in His hands and we have read the Bible, we know the story ends in victory so take heart! Hold on to your Father’s hand, fix your eyes on Jesus, follow the Holy Spirit and keep walking. The whole Godhead is cheering you on. 

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

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