Beauty in the flow

I am excited about what God is doing with Heavenly Whispers. The word of God says in Acts 20:35, “…It is more blessed to give than to receive”. As I give you what God has given me, I feel the blessed joy of playing a small part in advancing His Kingdom. I feel joyful because the Lord is flowing through me to you. I encourage you, whatever you do, do not let the flow stop with you. Be a part of the flow. When you receive a good word and you have tested it for yourself that it is good, be sure to share it with someone. Be open to God flowing through you to those around you. Tell your friends and family about Heavenly Whispers so they too may be blessed and be a part of the flow. May we all be open to God flowing through us in 2017. It doesn’t need to be anything big. It can even be a smile to a stranger. There is so much joy and beauty in the flow. Let’s tap into what God is doing.

Photo: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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