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Last week we were talking about the importance of prayer. We were talking about the story of Jesus at Lazarus tomb and how He was confident that God had heard Him when He spoke. Did you realise that when Jesus showed up to the tome, He already knew what He was meant to do? He... Continue Reading →


Since we are all one body, (one family) if one part of the body is suffering, we all suffer.


Last week we were looking at developing a willingness to stick with things. You can be willing to stick with things but lack the strength to do it hence we need to lean on God for His strength. I like what my Pastor Esther said a few weeks ago, she said we have to make... Continue Reading →

God’s Peace

If we want to grow in our peace, we need to tuck in even closer with God. The further away we move from Him, the less peace we will have.

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