Living water.

Listen! Are you thirsty for more? Come to the refreshing waters and drink. Even if you have no money, come, buy, and eat.Yes, come and buy all the wine[joy filled blessings of the Lord] and milk[nourishment from God’s word] you desire— it won’t cost a thing. Why spend your hard-earned money on something that can’t nourish youor work so hard for something that can’t satisfy?So listen carefully to me and you’ll enjoy a sumptuous feast, delighting in the finest of food.Pay attention and come closer to me, and hear, that your total being may flourish…

Isaiah 55:1-3

Living water. I keep thinking about it. I wrote last week’s post about the woman at the well and I thought I could move on from the Living water theme but its still stirring in my spirit. I was washing my hair and singing a made up song to my hair about living water because it felt dry, lol. That’s how much I am both consciously and subconsciously thinking about living water. 

Could it be that besides my hair, there are places in me that are crying out for living water? I think so. Could there be places in you that are also crying out for living water? There are a lot of people who are thirsty, some know it and some are unaware but the thirst is real. The things we thirst for, money can’t buy. 

So then, what do we do when we are thirsty? In the natural if one is thirsty they drink water or juice. In the spirit, what do we do when we are thirsty? Where do we find the refreshing waters spoken of in the verse? I think the first word of that verse is key, “Listen”. We have to listen for the voice of Jesus, when we hear it we need to move towards it so we can “listen carefully” to what He has to say. 

Sometimes, I am terrible at listening. When I am struggling with something its because I am allowing other voices to be louder or to hold more weight and authority over me than the voice of God. If you’ve never done that, take it from me. It’s not good for you and it’s not healthy. God’s word, God’s voice needs to be the final authority in your life. Listen. Not just to anything, but listen with the intent of hearing His voice. When you hear it, pay attention to what He is saying and draw closer to Him, “and hear that your total being may flourish”. 

Our verse says that. “Pay attention and come closer to me [Jesus], and hear, that you total being may flourish.” If we want to flourish, therein lies our solution. I think of us like plants. When a plant is well watered it flourishes and does well. If not, it dries and withers and eventually dies. We have an opportunity to connect with Jesus so we too can flourish.

When our spirit is thirsty there is no amount of Netflixing, hanging out, work, money, shopping, eating that can quench the thirst. We need Jesus. “Come”, He says to all who are thirsty. He is the well that never runs dry. If you are tired of going through the same stuff, dealing with the same things, staying in the same cycles and not going anywhere, there is living water that if you drink it, you will not thirst again. You will not struggle in that same area again. You will not be stuck in that same place again. God is a forward moving God, you ask Him for His living water, you better know that change is coming and what once was dead will come to life. 

God’s living water knows no limits. There is no thirst that He cannot quench. 

Love and blessings

Melissa Tsingano

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